NMJ Brothers rehearsing
           By the grace of our loving God, the NMJ Brothers started this Christian band in 1984 in their boyhood days when they were not even in their teens. The eldest brother Naveen who was so musically talented even during childhood, started composing music when he was barely 10 and led the bandís recording. By age 13, he was serving in our Lordís church as an organist and was also winning first prizes in inter district music competitions. The next brother Mathan was gifted in writing poetry from childhood and at age 9, started writing lyrics for the bandís songs. He is also the lead singer for NMJ Brothers. Mathan, who had started performing on stage from age 5, had also become very skilled in South Indian classical (Carnatic) music and western classical. The youngest brother Jeyan, who has been blessed with awesome talents by our God, joined the band as the alternate lead singer at the age of 3 and began helping in the recording. Mathan and Jeyan were singing with various choirs at that time.          
I will sing praise to my Lord as long as I live - Psalm 146:2
Musical Influences : Beethoven, Mozart, Scott Joplin,  Richard Rodgers, Roger Williams, Bob Ralston, Cooling Rajaiah, Samuel Abeysekera, Cleophas Antony,  Anne Gnanamuthu & Prema Narayanan
Naveen Mathan and Jeyan Composing a song in 1987, Naveen composing the tune, Mathan writing lyrics and Jeyan getting ready to hit the record button :)
Jeyan messing with the one and only old time valve radio in the house at his age of 2
Jeyan singing at a marriage function with Naveen's music in 1993
Mathan singing with Naveen's accompaniment
NMJ Brothers performing at a marriage function in 1990 at ST.Johns College - Palayamkottai
          The NMJ Brothers band started playing their songs in the local churches and Christian events, which started drawing attention and appreciation. In competitions held between the Church districts, by Godís abundant blessing, the brothers were showered with top prizes in singing and playing musical instruments. That helped in spreading Godís word more with the brothersí music ministry. They grew up, continuing to reach peopleís hearts through our Lordís words and rich music. All of them got into computer related profession and studies, and the brothers regrouped in the USA. The youngest brother Jeyan took charge of the technical aspects of the recording. The eldest brother Naveen diversified to different instruments and orchestration, exploring new horizons of music.
           Inspired by all that the band had gone through, and by the way God has always guarded the brothers whenever there were periods of tribulation, Mathan had penned some soul stirring Christian lyrics to reach out to hearts across the globe. This jump-started a new phase of the bandís recording and live performances. Now the NMJ brothers are continuing their journey of music ministry, growing day by day with our Godís wonderful blessing.We invite you to share with us, the joy of the Lordís word and the rich music He created that we present to you.
Jeyan working with the valve tube digital preamp at his age of 22
NMJ Brothers composing a song in 1987
NMJ Brothers performing at a marriage in 1990
Mathan singing with Naveen's accompaniment
Jeyan singing at a marriage with Naveen's music
Jeyan's experiences from valve (tube) radio at age "2" to digital valve (tube) pre-amp at age 22
Naveen and Mathan singing with our uncle Mr.Samuel Abey Sekera of "Three Chords"