Parents go crazy during summer time. They worry so much about engaging the kids in a positive manner. Since some of us cannot afford to send the kids for a good summer program, we have no choice but to leave them at home. We may try to engage them through various projects, but yet, our children keep themselves very busy with either TV or some video games. They just waste their whole summer on mindless activities. Frustrated parents lose their cool, and cry out, “No more TV, No more Video Games!” But they fail to provide any fun alternative. What do we do? Some of us were so agonized over this problem, we decided to do something about it. We came up with the idea of VBS as an all day activity for one or two weeks. This year, by the grace of God, we managed to bring forth a vibrant Vacation Bible School for one whole week, Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. We stepped out in faith and offered this program for free! But God met every one of our needs in His own way! If such a small church like COI can do it, why not other churches? What do we require for such programs? Just raw commitment, and faith in our God! My prayer is that other churches should follow the footsteps of COI in this matter. If 9 more churches offer this kind of full time program, our children will be fully engaged all summer in a Christian environment.

It is no use just blaming our children. We, as Christians are not joining hands to engage our kids. Churches can do so much for the kids, when the parents are at work. Please talk to your pastors, and encourage them to offer fulltime program for free. I know, it is not easy, and it can be a very heavy cross. But that is exactly what Jesus wants us to do, and it can happen only when we deny ourselves, sacrifice our time, talents, and treasure for the Lord.
Each day’s theme was brought to the children through, video presentations, skits, songs, Bible stories, games and crafts. The children performed admirably at the grand finale on Sunday - sang songs, performed a skit and did the prayer beat. For more pictures visit Church of India website.

Pastor's Column - Save our Kids

by Rev. Daniel Israel
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Children enjoy singing the VBS songs at Church of India