Jeyan at Bethesda Prayer Center - Karunya nagar - Coimbatore
Jeyan doing percussion programming
The youngest brother Jeyan with Bro D.G.S Dhinakaran
Bro.D.G.S.Dhinakaran and Dr.Paul Dhinakaran praying for Jeyan
Naveen and Mathan singing along with our uncle Mr.Samuel Abey Sekera
Naveen performing in a Christmas carols with Mr.Cleophas Antony, Godwin annan and PMA at Centenary Hall - Palayamkottai
Naveen performing at Symphony in Bloom
Jeyan with Fr.Berchmans at Washington D.C
Jeyan with Fr.S.J.Berchmans at Washington D.C (2003)
Jeyan working at NMJ Digital Studio - MD - USA
Mathan and the G.E Indian team performing a skit at Grace Fellowship (2002)
Mathan with Dr.Sam Kamalesan at Grace Fellowship Albany
Mathan rehearsing at Manna Digital Studio - Quad Cities - IL
NMJ Brothers (Naveen Jebaraj, Mathan Jebaraj, Jeyan Jebaraj)
NMJ Brothers (Naveen, Mathan, Jeyan)
NMJ Brothers (Naveen Mathan and Jeyan)
Jeyan during Christmas 2002
Jeyan mixing at the studio
Naveen and Jeyan during preproduction of a song
Naveen at NMJ Digital Studio
Naveen playing a classic vintage Rhodes Piano
Mathan and Jeyan singing at Church of India
Singing with Church of India friends
We would like to share with you these pictures that give us inspiration and the feeling of goodness in our music ministry
NMJ Brothers performing at Church of India
NMJ Brothers during Christmas 2003
Naveen with Mr.Cleophas Antony and Ruby aunty