We, NMJBrothers are honored and delighted in serving our Lord, composing and performing music for over 18 years. Probably it is rare to see siblings forming a Christian band, but we  (Naveen, Mathan and Jeyan) are loving brothers who seemed to have been born as a band. Our Almighty God has blessed our family abundantly at every stage, during any tribulation, and always had fondly taken care of us. We would love to be His instrument so that He could perform His will and spread His word through the talents given by Him to us.
    The eldest brother Naveen, who has been performing Christian music for more than 18 years now, led us in forming this group. He started composing Christian music right from childhood and became our Church’s organist at the age of 13. He enjoys playing classical piano and ragtime. With Naveen leading us, we started recording and performing as a group at a very young age.
         The second one in NMJBrothers, Mathan, takes care of vocal lead singing and writes the lyrics for Naveen’s music. Mathan is blessed by our Lord with singing talent, and he performs in both western classical and South Indian classical (Carnatic) music. He has been serving our gracious Lord who had given him noteworthy talents, from childhood.
  The gifted youngest brother Jeyan is in charge of the digital recording for vocal and acoustic instruments, and uses his technical expertise in enhancing the band. Jeyan is responsible for the sound mixing, digital recording and wave processing for all the songs. He handles the percussion and special effects and also is a vocalist. Naveen and Jeyan are the back up singers for the band and contribute to the harmony.
NMJ Brothers (Naveen, Mathan, Jeyan)
Naveen  (The eldest Brother) in his Tokai acoustic Piano
Mathan (The middle brother) at NMJ Digital Studio
Jeyan (the youngest brother) at NMJ Digital Studio
Adeline (Mathan's better half)
   Adeline, the better half of Mathan, and part of our loving close-knit family, is actively involved with the NMJ Christian Club and its newsletter. To know more about our newsletters please submit this form using Internet explorer
Nandri En Yesuvae album was recorded at Manna Home Studio Quad Cities - IL - USA.
NMJ Digital Studio - MD - USA
All songs are digitally recorded at
NMJ Digital Studio Baltimore - MD - USA.
If you are planning to do an Indian Christian Album feel free to contact us for available services like song writing, music and recording. (MD-USA)